Thursday, June 26, 2008

The past month in one post

Ok so sorry for the long post... It's been crazy busy at the Maples house. At the end of May my mom came to visit for 3 weeks. While she was here we spent the day at the beach with her good friend Susie (& family), went to Sea World, Tom's Farm, a few birthday party's, swimming,PeeWee Sports (3 weeks of basketball, t-ball & soccer) and much more. Also during this time my sister Lea and her son Jaxon moved down here to stay with us til Robert moves down and they find a place. So to say the least my house is a bit crazy with 3 babies (Abigail 8 months, Catie & Jaxon are 5 months) So it's kind of like having triplets. And a 3 year old who could drive anyone crazy. So here are the pictures from this past month.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trying to Crawl

Abigail is now on a mission to crawl...I on the other hand wishes she stay still. It's so funny cause she gets up on her toes but then ends up laying down like wow I am so tired.