Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Training!

We had a pretty good trip considering we have 3 kids under the age of 3. We went to 2 games while we were there in the lovely 90 degree weather. Sat. was a rough day, the kids were not so good and it was hot with no breeze. Sun was a much better day, the girls slept most of the game and Grady made a friend with the little boy sitting behind us. We also went swimming that night. Abigail loves the water. Mon was Grady's b-day so we had a few presents for him and then we went to this place called Castle & Coasters. They have games, miniature golf and rides (which were closed) Tues we head home! So here are a few pictures from our trip!
Catie - Sat Abigail - Sat Grady & Catie sleeping - Sat.
Grady, Abigail & Catie - SunAbigail in her cute Padres outfit - Sun
Abigail getting ready to go swimming - Sun
Abigail's first time underwater
Grady, Mommy & Abigail
Grady Opening his b-day presents
Grady & Daddy playing miniature golf on his b-day
Grady playing games on his b-day

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Moved!

Sorry I haven't been keeping up! I've been extremely busy cause WE MOVED!!! It was kind of short notice but we are extremely happy to be out in Carlsbad now! Pictures to come soon...after I finish unpacking. Anyhow we are off to Arizona tomorrow for our mini vacations! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! Here's a few random pictures of the kids!

Abigail kind of sitting by herself (she fell over shortly after the picture)

Catie is growing

Grady at the San Diego Air & Space Museum