Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There just isn't enough time....

Ok so I am really bad at blogging. I just never seem to have time to sit down and write/post pictures. So I am often really far behind on my blogging but I do keep up with everyone else. So lets see...what's been going on with us??? Grady is almost done with his first year of preschool. The girls are all over the place. Catie is finally walking (at 16 months) My parents were here so we went to Disneyland & Sea World. I went to master Nationals in May and placed 6th in the 100 back. We are looking forward to some down time and possible doing some traveling this year. I have been swimming 6 days a week along with a dryland (a workout such as squats, crunches, etc. for you non swimmers) program. I started doing hot yoga once a week. I am back down to my pre-baby size!! And Lea, Robert & Jaxon moved back to CO last week.

Mommy & Abigail

Grady & Grandpa

Grandma & Catie

Master Nationals (I'm in the middle)
Me back in my pre-baby clothes!

Grady & Abigail

Wrestling time

Catie walking


Monica said...

I can NOT believe your girls are swimming!!! I don't think Briley is that good-and we have her in lessons! I think that is so cool!

Tim, Trisha, Kendis, and Mason Brown said...

You look AWESOME! Congrats on swimming so much and competing! I love the swimming videos. I am now looking into finding lessons like that here because we are moving to a house with a pool and it makes me a little nervous. Mason was born to swim and he is a little fish. He could totally be swimming if I had him in good lessons and Kendis swims with just a noodle...but she would also be really good. Sounds like you guys are doing great!